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CenterOnline is a cloud-based system for extracurricular and foreign languages centers management as well as for teacher-student and center-student communication. CenterOnline is developed by The Online Management Training Company (OMT), a company incorporated and doing business in Vietnam. As system service provider, at OMT we take the safety, security and privacy of all information seriously. We have put in place the latest security systems and policies to ensure data security and respect the privacy of all of our users.
Website security
All information on CenterOnline database is stored behind an encrypted password, both for the centers, students and parents. Only those with authorization are able to access the CenterOnline system. 
The system login website has a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate. SSL is an industry standard for securing online transactions. Having SSL certificate ensures that all data passed between the CenterOnline server and your browser remains private.
Server security
Information on CenterOnline is stored on cloud infrastructure provided by Vietnam’s leading cloud service providers, ensuring the most secure cloud computing environments available in the country with highly secure data centers utilizing modern electronic surveillance, access control systems and 24x7 security guard protection. 
Access to information
Access to a student’s information through CenterOnline app is provided only to the student’s immediate family members registered to the center and CenterOnline. Only the primary guardians of a child (in most cases, the child’s father and mother) can register to have access to the student’s information on CenterOnline app. This access can also be revoked at any time at the discretion of the primary guardians.
Privacy of information
CenterOnline does not own any personal information about your child that is stored on our server, including any photos or videos. Personal information on CenterOnline system is not shared with any third party, except in special cases where either CenterOnline or the center will ask for express written consent by the student’s primary guardians, or the student himself/herself, before using any personal information of the student for marketing or other purposes.

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Công ty CP Đào tạo Quản lý Trực tuyến OMT
Người đại diện: Bà Đậu Thúy Hà
Chức vụ: Giám Đốc
Số giấy chứng nhận ĐKKD: 0104361240 ngày cấp:07/01/2010, nơi cấp: Sở KHĐT Hà Nội
VP tại Hà Nội: Tòa nhà 791 Building, số 27-31, ngõ 59 Láng Hạ, Ba Đình, Hà Nội
VP tại HCM: Phòng 10-01, tòa nhà Minh Thành, số 259 Lê Văn Lương, phường Tân Quy, quận 7, HCM

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