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Junior Achievement Vietnam goes online with smart app CenterOnline

The Junior Achievement  Vietnam (JAVN), a member of JA Worldwide has been providing entrepreneurship, work readiness and financial literacy to K-12 students in Vietnam since 1999 in traditional ways. In 2020, JAVN goes online with smart app JAVN CenterOnline.

JAVN has been working with the Vietnamese edtech startup CenterOnline for several years in different joint projects, most notably to co-sponsor the SV Startup Program 2019-2020, orchestrated by the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training.

By November 2019, seeing the increasing interest among Vietnamese high school students in online learning, Ms Doan Bich Ngoc, the Executive Director of JAVN started discussing with Mr. Le Huy Long, COO of CenterOnline to use CenterOnline apps for teachers and parents to bring all JAVN’s learning programs for high schools online, so that teachers and students can learn any time, anywhere on the smart app.

Little did Ngoc and Long know back then, that they were preparing just in time for an unprecedented sweeping change in teaching and learning mode, induced by the covid-19 causing long school closure in Vietnam, as well as in many other countries.

JAVN CenterOnline app went live in late January 2020, fully hosted on AWS. At exactly the same time, students in Vietnam did not go back to schools after the Lunar New Year holidays. They stayed home for social distancing till mid May 2020 and started taking lessons online. Luckily for them, JAVN CenterOnline is there, ready to provide and manage JAVN’s online programs for JAVN partner schools on the same platform.

With JAVN CenterOnline for teachers (CO Teacher), teachers can perform:

  • One-minute attendance check;
  • Personalized feedback to students;
  • Manage teaching time table, teacher’s absence, replacement classes
  • Share video and photo albums of classes
  • Secure messaging to each parent

For JAVN CenterOnline app for parents, parents receive daily info about student’s classes, performance, teacher’s remarks. Parents follow his/her child’s learning journey on the app and can send request for leave and other requests to school conveniently. Parents can chat on app with teachers and counsellors (to review attendance, grades, request for leave, send feedback to school).

It is remarkable that by May 2020, 30 partner schools of JA Vietnam are now on JAVN CenterOnline. Teachers in these schools have conducted 12 JAVN programs with over 100 classes delivered online. Almost 10,000 students have completed at least one course on JAVN CenterOnline, with consistently high level of learning satisfaction.

Building on the initial success of JAVN CenterOnline, JAVN and CenterOnline plan to continue working together to bring 200 more partner schools to JAVN CenterOnline by the end of 2022. JAVN has initiated discussion  with the Vietnam MOET to organize Student Startup Contest on JAVN CenterOnline for 10.000 students nationwide in August 2020.  

Going forward, JAVN and OMT CenterOnline are determined continue this partnership to encourage more schools in Vietnam to embrace technology in their school management and teaching activities.

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