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Centeronline partners with seattle-based Lana Learn to bring quality tutoring to Vietnamese students

In October 2019, CenterOnline starts a partnership with Lana Learn to bring quality enrichment classes with North American teachers to the thousands of Vietnamese students learning English at these centers. Lana is a fast-growing online, English learning platform connecting North American teachers with students around the world.

Many Vietnamese students have dreamed to study one on one with authentic, qualified American teachers from across the globe. With pervasive, affordable Internet connection in Vietnam on their side, the robust online platform and the competent teacher lineup on Lana Learn side, the dreams of these students are coming true.

In August CenterOnline sent out information about Lana Learn’s online teacher program to CenterOnline’s partner language centers, and the level of interest from them has been significant.

We are excited that Lana Learn’s team is coming to Vietnam in October-November 2019 to meet up with students, parents and centers, to hear from them directly and ensure the level of learning Vietnamese students will get from Lana Learn is consistently high but personalized to each student’s capacity and potential. We expect quite a few among these students will go on to higher study in the US, making the impact of our partnership even stronger and more meaningful.

Register for free trial online class with an American teacher here. Read more about Lana Learn and Tina Tran, the 40Under40 Honoree here

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